April 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

It all begins when I break the ice.

That happens when I’m forthright about who I am, which is not François Truffaut. I did not direct Jules and Jim or The 400 Blows. I was not a central figure in the French New Wave, I did not send Godard a letter saying “you act like a shit.” I am also not a successful film critic.  I have never been invited to a film set with my bud and fellow journalist Claude Chabrol, only  to fall through a frozen pond walking through the studio’s courtyard. I did not spend twelve years sitting down with Hitchcock to discuss the craft of filmmaking. In fact, I have never met any of the filmmakers that the subsequent “interviews” will feature.

I have never given a heartfelt speech at an awards show to a legendary film director and  great friend, only to get the kind of icy reception you expect more from crashing to the bottom of a frozen pond than from a man you’ve spent over a decade in conversation with.

And I have that to be thankful for.


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